CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. For Ban Choon, we practise 4 main types of CSR:

a) Philanthropic Responsibilities : Being a good corporate citizen and a good employer
b) Ethical Responsibilities: Being ethical
c) Legal Responsibilities: Obeying the law
d) Economic Responsibilities: Being profitable

As a company, Ban Choon strives to be a good employer that gives employees the opportunities to contribute, learn and constantly upgrade their skills. Employee welfare is of utmost importance to us because happy staff leads to happy customers.

As a company with HACCP, BizSafe Level 3 and Business Continuity Management certifications, we have steps to ensure a safe working environment and a stable uninterrupted supply of products for our customers in the Singapore food industry.

It helps that fresh fruits, vegetables, health supplements and organic foods are the main products of our business. When we promote our products, we are promoting healthier food options and lifestyles for our customers.

We constantly increase profits by engaging in activities that create higher value so that these can be shared between our employees, shareholders and beneficiaries.

The management of Ban Choon is particularly interested in creating more job opportunities for the disadvantaged persons in society, especially individuals living with disabilities, former drug addicts, and the poor.